‘Understanding Cane Payment’ Workshops

In May, MSF Sugar will run a series of workshops across our regions to help our growers better understand cane payment.

With the introduction of the new sugar marketing legislation and increased complexity of cane payment, we have received many requests from growers to run these workshops.

While the workshops are primarily aimed at growers and their families, we also encourage the farm business’ primary bookkeeper to attend if they are not a family member.

The workshops will cover:
–    how cane payment is calculated for your farm
–    how relative CCS works and why it’s used
–    the cane payment formula
–    how pool prices and sugar marketing choices impact on cane payment
–    how the advances program work

Each workshop will be followed by an optional session with MSF Sugar personnel who are available to work with you one-on-one to walk through the cane pay documents for your farm.

Workshop venues and dates are detailed below and in our workshop flyer, which you can download to print or share. Please note that bookings are essential as numbers are limited.

To book please contact Keralea Jenkins on 4064 3804.

For further information please contact Mick Ward on 0409 643 612.

Cane pay workshop dates