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Natural Raw Sugar (NRS) is a minimally processed raw sugar. It has a natural golden-brown colour from a little amount of molasses that remains during the crystallisation process, which also gives NRS a distinctive pleasant aroma and flavour for your food and beverages.

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Powering a sustainable future

Nature's Power Plant

MSF Sugar is a leading Queensland agribusiness company has over 125 years of history in Australia. While our heritage is in sugar, our future is centered on bio-technology and environmental sustainability.

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Sugar Marketing

Supporting Grower Choice

MSF Marketing offers you performance, transparency, experience and a commitment to ongoing regional investment.

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Green Energy Power Plant Project

Powering a Sustainable Future

Our $86 million green energy power plant converts 100 per cent renewable sugarcane fibre, known as bagasse, to produce 24 megawatts of electricity – that’s enough to power every house in the Tableland region.

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We Care About

Our Environment

We recognize the need for natural resource management and have a strong commitment to protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Employment and Careers

Our People are our Strength

Our people are the most valuable assets of our business. Employment opportunities include permanent and seasonal roles, with apprenticeships offered for trades on an annual basis.

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About Us

Growing Regional Australia

With our Corporate Head Office in Gordonvale, just south of Cairns, we employ around 760 people across regional Queensland and invest back into the communities in which we operate.