Tableland Green Energy Power Plant

Our Project

Our $86 million green energy power plant at the Tableland Mill converts 100 per cent renewable sugarcane fibre, known as bagasse, into green energy.

The power plant produces 24 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 26,280 homes – which is the entire population of the Tableland region.

Our vision

The project heralds the start of our vision to evolve from a raw sugar company into a diversified sugarcane business with multiple bio-products.

The power plant is our flagship project which will transform agricultural waste into baseload power.

To complement supplies of bagasse, we are actively exploring additional crops that will stabilise power production for 12 months of the year.

One such crop is blue agave, pictured, which is able to be grown on arid farm land while producing around 400 tonnes of biomass per hectare – similar to the per hectare biomass produced by sugarcane but with no irrigation.

Our first step in exploring blue agave is a trial farm close to the mill, which may have the possibility to be a viable crop for the Tableland region.

With several thousand plants now in the ground, we’ll be monitoring progress closely over the next few years to assess the plant’s suitability for harvesting and processing.