South Johnstone Mill Crushing Season To Commence On Schedule Despite Flood Damage to Crops

During the non-crushing season more than $11.5 million was invested in capital improvements to address known reliability issues at MSF Sugar’s South Johnstone Mill, including $2.3 million on the replacement of the Boiler No.3 Chimney – seen here with a birds eye view during construction.

MEDIA RELEASE 17 May 2018 SOUTH JOHNSTONE MILL CRUSHING SEASON TO COMMENCE ON SCHEDULE DESPITE FLOOD DAMAGE TO CROPS MSF Sugar’s South Johnstone Mill expects to crush 1,732,500 tonnes of sugarcane for the 2018 season, with operations scheduled to commence on Tuesday 12 June. A total of 303 growers will supply the Mill in 2018,…

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Land Banking Investment Linked to Restrictive New Vegetation Laws

Chairman of Maryborough CANEGROWERS Jeff Atkinson (left) and MSF Sugar’s General Manager Maryborough Stewart Norton (right) share concerns about land banking in the region, which may be linked to new restrictive vegetation laws in Queensland.

MEDIA RELEASE 10 May 2017 LAND BANKING INVESTMENT LINKED TO RESTRICTIVE NEW VEGETATION LAWS With a bumper crop on the horizon for 2018, combined with MSF Sugar’s long term plans to expand Maryborough Mill the sugarcane industry remains an important driver of employment in the Fraser Coast region. The industry currently provides jobs for more…

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Mulgrave Mill Predicts a Successful Season Despite Widespread Flooding

MSF Sugar’s Mulgrave Mill Manager Chris Hoare is expecting a strong start to the 2018 crushing season, despite experiencing two major flooding events at the start of the year.

MEDIA RELEASE 08 MAY 2018 MULGRAVE MILL PREDICTS A SUCCESSFUL SEASON DESPITE WIDESPREAD FLOODING Despite experiencing two major flood events since the start of 2018, MSF Sugar’s Mulgrave Mill is on track to commence the crushing season on Tuesday 12 June as planned. While flooding across the region was widespread, forward crop estimates remain on…

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Crushing Season Marks An Important Time Of Year for 600 Fraser Coast Families

The start of crush signals an important time of year for Maryborough as with Mill operations about to commence, MSF Sugar directly employs 190 people across milling and farming activities and supports around 600 families in the Fraser Coast region.

MEDIA RELEASE 8 May 2017 CRUSHING SEASON MARKS AN IMPORTANT TIME OF YEAR FOR 600 FRASER COAST FAMILIES With welcome rain visiting the Fraser Coast Region in 2017 and ideal growing conditions holding throughout the summer, MSF Sugar’s Maryborough Mill is on track to start crushing on Monday 11 June. The on-time start date is…

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MSF Sugar’s Tableland Mill On Track for a Milestone Season

MSF Sugar’s Tableland Mill Manager Kirk Lang demonstrates the 100 per cent renewable sugarcane fibre known as bagasse that will soon be used to power the company’s first Green Energy Power Plant.

MEDIA RELEASE 8 May 2018 MSF SUGAR’S TABLELAND MILL ON TRACK FOR A MILESTONE SEASON While work continues to progress on construction of MSF Sugar’s Green Energy Power Plant, the  milestone project has not had an impact on the start of the 2018 crush with the Tableland Mill on track to commence operations on Tuesday…

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