Maryborough Mill

Maryborough is a small country town, 250 km north of Brisbane, on the Mary River.

Currently there are around 100 growers supplying sugarcane to the mill and the cane is harvested from an area of about 13,500 hectares. All cane is delivered to the mill by road transport in either B-double or single trailers.

The mill has a production capacity of around 900,000 tonnes of sugarcane in a crushing season, which extends from July to November each year. Sugar production capacity is more than 100,000 tonnes per year.


How it happened

The Maryborough district was one of the first sugarcane growing areas in Queensland. The first cane grown in Maryborough was in the garden of Baddow House by Edgar Thomas Aldridge. The first sugar manufactured in the district was in 1862 when John Buhot demonstrated sugar making using cane grown on John Eaton's plantation, Rose Hill Estate.

Following the success of this demonstration, a number of juice mills and plantations were established along Tinana Creek and the Mary River.  At one stage there were more than 300 growers and 36 juice mills. In 1866, the Yengarie meat boiling down works was converted to a sugar refinery and rum distillery using raw juice from the small mills being established throughout the district.

Maryborough Mill began in 1886 as a juice mill in the Island Plantation area. Following major flooding in the Mary River in 1893, the decision was made to relocate the mill to a flood-free site two kilometres from Maryborough, and to upgrade the mill to produce raw sugar.  Production started in 1895 and has continued ever since. With the completion of the Maryborough Mill, the juice era ended and the Yengarie refinery closed down.

Mill History Timeline

1864     John Buhot made the first sugar crystalised in Queensland using cane grown in the Botanic Gardens

1886     Maryborough began as a juice mill in the Island Plantation area

1893     Major flooding in the Mary River forced the relocation of Maryborough Mill

1895     Production of raw sugar begins

1915     The mill is incorporated

1955     Cane growing started at Iindah and Granville

1956     Maryborough Mill listed on the Australian Stock Exchange

2006     Record Maryborough district sugar cane crop of 985,231 tonnes

2006     Record Maryborough sugar production of 132,387 tonnes

2008     Acquisition of the Mulgrave Central Mill Company Limited

2010     Joint Venture entered into with Bundaberg Sugar Ltd

2011     Acquisition of South Johnstone and Tableland Mills

2011      Change of name to MSF Sugar Limited and relocation of registered office to Gordonvale, Far North Queensland

2012      Mitr Phol Sugar Corp Ltd acquires MSF Sugar

2012      MSF Sugar Limited delists from the Australian Securities Exchange

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