At MSF Sugar safety is our highest priority and as such we believe:

  • Safety is inseparable from all other aspects of our business.
  • All work-related injuries can be prevented.
  • We will all take the time to work safely, no matter how urgent or important the job.

The Company's Goal In Safety Is To Have No Injuries

MSF Sugar is committed to achieving the highest standards and performance in Workplace Health and Safety (WHS).

In doing so we aim to create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all MSF Sugar employees, contractors, customers and visitors. We will progressively improve safety and health performance through risk and hazard management and strict adherence to legislative requirements.

Our Strategic Approach

MSF Sugar takes a risk based approach to managing WHS.  We do this by following the fundamental principle of identifying and analysing WHS risks, determining the best controls to prevent risk realisation, or mitigate the realised consequences; and through audit, inspection and reporting provide assurance to the Directors, Executive, business and workers that WHS risks are controlled to as low as reasonably practicable level. We take this approach across four key business aspects of People, Plant, Process and Culture.  These four aspects, when managed in a risk based manner, will provide a safe workplace and workforce.

The largest factor for success in this approach is Leadership Commitment and Accountability.  Leaders demonstrate their commitment through personal engagement at all levels with the workforce and by showing a genuine concern for every worker’s health and safety.  This commitment and accountability is similarly demonstrated towards process safety and the prevention of major accident events.

This overall approach is summarised by the following diagram:

Safety Logo

We are imminently poised to launch our 5 year strategic plan.  This plan will be risk based and cover all areas of the business (Cane Growing, Cane Supply and Milling). Growers are the start of our value chain and as such are important stakeholders who grow the valuable raw materials supplied to our mills.  Alignment of these groups in the approach to health and safety is a key aspect of our strategy.

The plan will have specific activities including:

  • Company-wide WHS system
  • Safety leadership program
  • Frontline safety culture program
  • Improved WHS metrics and reporting
  • Risk and hazard profiling
  • Risk-based auditing
  • Organisational-wide incident reporting and action database


Our Safety Outcomes

Our approach to Workplace Health and Safety and the implementation of the 5 year strategic plan will deliver improved health and safety performance, increased the wellbeing of our people and reduce the likelihood and consequences of process safety events.  This will result in a corresponding improvement in operational efficiency and reliability and reduced organisational costs.

In real terms this will see MSF Sugar as a leader in WHS and process safety in both the sugar industry and Australia’s broader manufacturing community.

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