Health and Safety Policy Statement

MSF Sugar

1.  Our Statement of Values

We will conduct our business activities in a safe and responsible manner.

A primary consideration in all the Company’s activities is to promote the welfare of the Company’s employees, contractors, visitors and the general public. In doing so, we recognise the moral and legal obligation to provide a workplace environment that is safe, and that risks to individual’s health and safety that arise in the course of the Company’s activities have been properly assessed and managed. This responsibility extends to employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

We are committed to providing a safe working environment through the implementation of preventative strategies into daily operations and we encourage consultation between all parties regarding Workplace Health and Safety issues.

2.  Our Objectives

The principal workplace health and safety objectives of the Company are to: 

  • Minimise injury / illness to employees, contractors and visitors through the identification, assessment, elimination or control of workplace risks and hazards 
  • Comply with all Workplace Health and Safety legislation 
  • Consult and communicate with employees on Workplace Health & Safety 
  • Provide relevant and effective training to employees 
  • Maintain the workplace at all times in a safe condition 
  • Investigate accidents and incidents for their root cause and take any necessary action resulting from these investigations 
  • Provide an appropriate return to work program for injured workers 
  • Actively promote and implement Workplace Health and Safety procedures 
  • Conduct appropriate inductions 
  • Actively promote the health and wellbeing of all employees.

3.  Responsibilities

All employees and contractors of MSF Sugar Limited have a responsibility for: 

  • Effective communication and consultation with fellow workers 
  • Complying with health and safety laws and Company policies, procedures and instructions 
  • Planning and carrying out of all work, jobs or tasks with minimisation of risk to yourself, others and plant/equipment as your primary consideration 
  • Following established procedures, maintaining high standards of housekeeping and using the correct tools for the job 
  • Wearing personal protective equipment supplied and maintain it in good condition 
  • Immediately reporting to your supervisor any unsafe situations, incidents or near misses and actively participate in safety investigations.

4. Implementation

Management is responsible for implementing this Policy Statement for Health and Safety. All employees and contractors at MSF Sugar must operate in the spirit of the Policy Statement and comply with the associated policies and procedures.

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