Region’s Leading Sugar Miller Tackles Water Woes on Farm


23 OCTOBER 2017


As the level of Tinaroo Dam continues to fall towards 40%, MSF Sugar is tackling water efficiency at the ground level.

While the company is a strong advocate of the proposed Nullinga Dam, which would provide enough water security for MSF Sugar and its growers to produce an additional 1.2 million tonnes of cane per annum, Tableland Farms Operations Manager Rik Maatman said on-farm water efficiency was critical.

“It’s no secret that sugarcane draws a great volume of water from the Mareeba-Dimbulah Irrigation Scheme for irrigation,” Mr Maatman said.

“We acknowledge this and while we are lobbying heavily for additional water storage capacity at a government level, we are also looking at our own operations, where there are opportunities to improve water efficiency using sub-surface drip irrigation.

“Harvest is underway on one of the first blocks where plant cane and ratoon cane has been grown under sub-surface drip irrigation, and we are really pleased with the results so far.”

While additional water storage capacity is key to growing the Tableland sugarcane industry, MSF Sugar will share recent lessons from its water management initiatives through a public event being held on Thursday (26 October) at the company’s flagship development project, Mousa Farms, which is growing cane under sub-surface drip irrigation.

The public field day will involve an information session and farm walks, where guests can see the beginning of a new sub-surface drip irrigation system and harvest results of a crop grown under sub-surface drip irrigation.

Mr Maatman said MSF Sugar hoped its growers would get a better understanding of sub-surface drip irrigation and the benefits it could bring to their individual farming operations.

The field day will be held on Thursday 26 October at 1631 Springmount Road, Arriga from 8.30am and is open to the public.

MSF Sugar is partnering with irrigation specialists Netafim to deliver the field day.


For more information please contact:
Wendy Hughes
MSF Sugar Communications Manager
Mob: 0417 043 954

The MSF Sugar and Netafim field day will be held on Thursday 26 October at 1631 Springmount Road, Arriga from 8.30am and is open to the public.