MSF Sugar Mulgrave Mill Predicts Higher CCS for Coming Season

05 June 2017



During the 2017 crushing season, MSF Sugar’s Mulgrave Mill will be supplied by 185 sugarcane growers, with resulting cane harvested from an area totalling 14,600 hectares.

The 2017 crush, scheduled to start on 13 June, will operate 24/7 for about 23 weeks and based on an operating rate of 425 tonnes per hour, is expected to result in a throughput of around 1,370,000 tonnes.

Mulgrave Mill Manager Chris Hoare said while the expected tonnage was lower than last season’s record crush of 1,521,612 tonnes, he expected the CCS to increase to about 12.5, 1.5 units higher than the previous year.

“After two abnormal years of failed seasons the weather is back to the usual wet season and this should mean an overall better result.  The crop is standing and presenting well for a good harvest.

“During the off-season, we used local suppliers and labour to complete planned upgrades and maintenance projects and this has prepared us well for the coming season,” he said.

Since last year’s crush, four new remote shunting unit locomotives have been built at a cost of $1.7 million. The No 7 boiler received a $1.3 million partial retube and maintenance activities to the value of $10.7 million were completed.

To enhance site safety, a paved employee and visitor car park was built and the mill’s 400 km cane rail network has undergone works to improve efficiencies in bringing the harvest to the mill.

During the crushing season, Mulgrave Mill generates all the power required by the factory for its operations in addition to exporting electricity to the State grid.

With the season about to commence, motorists and pedestrians are reminded that cane trains are now active throughout the region. The cane rail network operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the completion of harvest.


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MSF Sugar’s Mulgrave Mill Manager Chris Hoare is expecting a strong CCS.

MSF Sugar’s Mulgrave Mill Manager Chris Hoare is expecting a strong CCS.