MSF Sugar Green Energy Power Plant to Feature at the Rotary FNQ Field Days

22 May 2017



As Project Manager for MSF Sugar’s first Green Energy Power Plant, Mark Magnanini understands the dynamics needed for construction of the Tableland Mill project to start in June.

The $75 million project, a major development for the Tableland region, has created such interest among business, government and community that Mr Magnanini will share information about the power plant during the Rotary FNQ Field Days at Mareeba this week.

For 15 minutes at 2:00pm each day on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 May, Mr Magnanini will present in MSF Sugar’s onsite marquee to explain the project in more detail.

When operational in July 2018, the plant’s biomass-fired 87 bar high pressure boiler will produce 130 t/hour of steam, which will power a steam turbine generator and produce 23 MW of electricity.

The plant will use the latest technology, known as an Electrostatic Precipitator, to meet environmental emission standards. The electricity connection will then pass through the Ergon Energy Queensland network and will generate enough electricity to power all houses in the Tableland Region.

“This exciting project will generate not only green electricity but also lead to employment in the region.

“Even more impressive is that the Tableland Mill plant is just the first step in MSF Sugar’s vision to expand the revenue base from sugarcane to include other high value products such as biofuels.

“This will benefit our business, our growers, our employees and the communities in which we live and work – it is a win-win project,” Mr Magnanini said.

MSF Sugar is proud to be a sponsor for the Rotary FNQ Field Days and to demonstrate to attendees the company’s commitment to the Tableland sugar cane industry, which currently brings more than $50 million per annum to the local economy.

Mr Magnanini has more than 20 years’ experience in the Australian Sugar industry across the milling, farming and grower interface sectors. His Field Day presentation is open to anyone attending the event.

For more information please contact:
Wendy Hughes
MSF Sugar Communications Manager
Mob: 0417 043 954

Mark Magnanini, Business Development Manager

MSF Sugar will be at the Rotary FNQ Field Days from Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 May to answer questions about the company’s plans for the future. On hand will be Business Development Manager, Mark Magnanini, who is the Project Manager for MSF Sugar’s first Green Energy Power Plant.