Records Tumble as MSF Sugar Season Crush Ends


22 December 2016

The tipping of the last bin for the 2016 sugar season crushing at MSF Sugar’s South Johnstone Mill capped off a big year for Australia’s third largest miller.

The MSF Sugar group crushed a record cane throughput this season.  The company’s South Johnstone and Mulgrave sugar mills had record throughputs and its Maryborough and Tableland Mills crushed to full capacity.

A pioneer in the sugar industry, MSF Sugar’s Maryborough Mill completed its 122nd season with a total crush of 791,435 tonnes and a season-to-date Commercial Cane Sugar (CCS), a measure of recoverable sugar in the cane, of 14.01.  A new record crush for its 121st season, , saw Mulgrave Mill crush 1,521,612 tonnes up by 2,271 tonnes on its previous record in 1996, and with a CCS of 11.16.

In its centenary year, South Johnstone Mill was the last of the four mills to end the season with a crush of 1,721,223 tonnes and a season-to-date CCS of 11.14, representing a record for the mill and surpassing its previous best season by around 20,000 tonnes. At the most modern sugar mill in Australia, Tableland Mill, the total crush was 819,152 tonnes and a CCS of 13.44.

MSF Sugar CEO Mike Barry paid tribute to the continual outstanding contribution by growers, harvester crews and mill staff in what had been a challenging weather season with record-breaking crops.

“The sugar industry delivers significant benefits to the Australian economy and is the lifeblood of many, particularly in Queensland’s far north.

“The economic impact, regional employment and the high standard export quality product we produce would not be possible without our strong network and the relationships developed and sustained over many years,” he said.

Mr Barry said wet weather hampered the start of the season in Mulgrave and South Johnstone, and led to a longer season in these milling areas, but crushing was achieved without any significant breakdowns.

The year saw the MSF Sugar lead the way in implementing the new sugar marketing legislation, with growers supplying all its mills able to choose MSF Marketing or QSL as pool manager for their cane pay exposure.

The forward-moving company announced and commenced construction of its $75M Tableland Mill Green Power Plant project. The power station will use a 100 per cent renewable sugar cane fibre, known as bagasse, to produce 24 megawatts of electricity – enough to power every house in the Tableland region.
In what has been a particularly productive year for the company, MSF Sugar’s cane farming operation – the nation’s largest – was awarded the Queensland Premier’s Sustainability Award in the Rural section, for its work implementing sustainable cane farming systems.

‘Overall it has been a good year which reflects the effort put in by a great team.  At MSF Sugar our vision focuses on being an efficient, reliable, high quality supplier of sugar to international markets, particularly in the Asian region.

“To achieve this we must set the benchmark for best practice growing, harvesting, milling and marketing – and we are well on the way, Mr Barry said.


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